Fred Gordon Sculpture Studio


Fred Gordon is an award winning young British sculptor, passionate about wildlife, conservation and the natural world. Born in 1993, Fred did a Foundation Diploma at Falmouth and has a MA Hons in History of Art and French from Edinburgh University. Having continued to produce work throughout his degree, on graduating in 2017 he immediately threw himself into creating sculpture full-time.
With minimal formal training, Fred has learnt through combined experience and total commitment. With an acute sense of observation, instinctive approach and striking ability, he captures a real sense of spirit, movement and energy in his work. Fred has travelled widely to study his subjects first hand in their natural environment, drawing his subjects from the British countryside and experiences further afield, including Sri Lanka and a three month artist residency in Limpopo, South Africa. Working directly from life, Fred sketches, photographs and where possible creates small maquette studies in front of the animals. Looking at their anatomy and behaviour, he takes this source material back to his studio to work up the pose and form in the final pieces.
Fascinated by the casting process, Fred worked for several years at the foundry casting the bronze first hand. Whilst at the foundry he started experimenting with the foundry casting wax, folding and layering sheets of the wax to create form. With this layered effect, working quickly with the heated plates of wax, there is a spontaneity and an element of fragmentation, hollowness and abstraction in the work. Rather than create an exact impression, Fred is looking to capture a moment, a nuance in the movement and an instinctive sense of character in the pose. He then looks for greater intricacy in the details and the faces.
Once the wax master is finished, the bronze is cast using the Lost Wax Method; an age-old technique used to create the mould, cast and finish the piece in bronze, which in Fred’s case involves one shot at casting directly from the wax itself. Closely involved in the casting process and final patination, Fred finishes the pieces with a marbled patina, using natural grey, green and brown tones to create collages of colour.
Fred Gordon has exhibited with Sculpture by the Lakes, the Animal Art Fair, Art for Youth and the Affordable Art Fair in London. He won the Diana Brooks Prize with Art for Youth in 2017 and is rapidly making a name for himself as a brilliantly talented, committed and exciting young British sculptor.


Silverback Gorilla
Greater One Horned Rhino
Little Owl
Red Squirrel
Sandy Pekin Bantam
Black Pekin Bantam
Lavendar Pekin Bantam
Winged Duckling
White Park Bull
Boxing Hares
Seated Duckling
Quacking Duckling
Bornean Orangutan
Diving Otters
Running Hare
Malayan Tapir
Red Squirrels
Guinea Fowl
Walking Horse
Sea Lion
Kudu Herd
Giraffe Bust
Southern White Rhino
Fox Pair
Sable Antelope Study
Warthog Study
White Rhino Study
Giraffe Study
Ostrich Study
Langur Monkey
Prancing Roe Deer
Thoroughbred Life Study
Tree Frog
Peregrine Falcon
Fight or Flight
Stalking Leopard
Swimming Otters
Galloping Horse
Barn Swallow


Elephant & Horse


Fred readily accepts private bronze commissions. In the first instance, the subject of the commission, the medium, the size of the sculpture, your budget and time frame must be discussed. This may be done with the help of photographs of the subject or through first hand observation. Once decided upon, Fred will begin sculpting the piece and provide step by step photographs of its progression to allow for adjustments along the way. Prior to being sent off to the foundry for casting you will be shown the piece again for final approval. The moulding and casting process at the foundry takes about 3 to 4 months.

Previous Commissions

Taiwanese Blue Magpies, Ms. I Lei
Sir Valentino, Mr and Mrs M Hulse
Swimming Otters, Mr and Mrs P Towers
Algy Bear, Mr and Mrs A Wolstenholme
Sally the Scottie Dog, Mr and Mrs R Gillies
Glorious Academics


Exhibitions 2023

11th February
Fauna Brewing Conservation Fundraising Exhibition

The Baron’s Hall, Arundel Castle

2nd - 11th March
Royal Society of British Artists 200th Annual Exhibition

Mall Galleries

8th - 12th March
Battersea Affordable Art Fair

Grandy Art

4th - 8th May
Badminton Horse Trials

Collier Dobson

11th - 14th May
Royal Windsor Horse Show

Collier Dobson

18th - 19th May
London Pop Up, SW6

Grandy Art

1st April - 4th June
FORM 2023

Sculpture by the Lakes

7th - 10th June
Grandy Art Summer Show

Kilkenny Farm

11th - 14th July
The Great Yorkshire Show

Collier Dobson

28th - 30th July
The Game Fair

Collier Dobson

Saville Row Salon - Arts and Interiors

Grandy Art

3rd - 6th October
Art for Youth 35th Annual Exhibition

Mall Galleries

6th - 21st December
Grandy Art Christmas Show


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